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Why E-commerce ?

Following are some of the competitive advantages that hiring enables
• E-commerce and e-communication; all information & communication technology enabled marvels
• The customer can access your shop at any point of time and pay online.
• You receive complete order, payment & customer information already formatted and ready for processing
• Full inventory management and stock control features
• Easy setup, can be managed from anywhere
• Boundaries do not apply, reach world wide audience with a simple, low cost e-commerce solution
• E-commerce shopping cart can be applied to specific business process at very low cost & time
• Upscale e-commerce facility in to complete customer interactive business front
• Facilitate easy recovery of feedbacks, maintain forums and
• Conduct focused marketing campaigns
• Form high level communicative network online using e-commerce blogs
• Remain operational through out on 24X7X365 basis
• Increase customer count & enhance customer shopping experience on your online shops
All E-commerce website automate business process and provide on the fly customer engagement and development of business strategies, easy customization & adoption to new marketing strategies.

What do we do? being an e-commerce store developing company, we always interface with variety of customer requirements for e-commerce websites.
The overall objective behind deployment of an ideal ecommerce website solution should be:
• Building Brand Value for customers
• Improving the customer site experience
• Provide Strategic marketing & communication strategies
• Installing security factors and
• Providing e-commerce web hosting solutions
• e-commerce segmentation
Our customers generally provide us with their innovative e-commerce ideas & our job starts with fully comprehending the customer's vision and providing e-commerce consulting for benefits and limitations of e-commerce systems.
Being e-commerce solution domain experts we keep ourselves aware of the latest in legislation of e-commerce, e-commerce strategy & e-commerce internet solutions for business.

E-commerce Services

We provide e-commerce strategy that benefits the customers in terms of cost, time and eventual management efforts.
Our range of services includes
• E-commerce store design &
• E-commerce User Interface Development & Customization
• E-commerce Solutions design, development, testing &
• E-commerce store setup
• E-commerce store online promotions and web marketing
We work with a number of very popular easily customizable shopping cart solutions can integrate 3rd party tools such as
• E-commerce Payment Gateways (all popular types including)
o PayPal
o 2Checkout
o WordPay
o CCAvenue &
o Google Checkout
• Courier/Shipping Services like
o FedEx
• Video/audio player embeds
• Flash/Ajax based Picture Gallery features etc…
Our services also includes
• e-commerce hosting which includes hardware consulting needed for e-commerce
• e-commerce trends & analysis report generation
• offshore dedicated e-commerce website designers, developers deployment
• e-commerce revenue model consulting and
• web catalog, e-commerce communication strategies development
• e-commerce website security enhancement for prevention of identity theft in internet & protecting customers in your e-commerce websites

E-commerce Solutions
E-commerce internet solutions for business serviced by ShivCS include
• Custom E-Commerce Application development

o ECS-Store
A .net technology based solution custom developed by our team over a period of 2 years. This is very ideal for small business needs and comes at a extremely affordable price. The solution customization needs define the overall project
• Off-the-shelf Application customization & deployment

o Ofbiz
An enterprise scale powerful Java based Open Source e-commerce solution applicable to businesses with need for multiple store fronts, complete ERP solutions & Customer Relations Management Platforms

o Zencart
This is a popular brand in PHP technology known for its ease in customization and deployment. Ideal for small businesses with limited product line, but highly recommended for large scale deployment and advanced solution scalability.

o OS-Commerce
Just as well as zencart, this open source php shopping cart is extremely versatile and is easy to manage for small business needs. Blends well with many different e-commerce merchant providers
And such open source, customizable e-commerce solutions. We work on different technologies such as .NET, Java & PHP with versatile experience of setting up business front rapidly for growing customer needs.

Types of e-commerce Solutions
Normally, we do not face questions such as what is e-commerce; however, we do go in to great level of detailing in trying to find the most ideal e-commerce solution for our customers.
By diligently identifying data about e-commerce merchant solutions and providers, our customers are provided with options to chose that helps them find a long term business front, with minimal or rather no need for massive alterations to the solutions.
Thus, we specialize in both customized e-commerce application development using highly recommended business specifications & code of conduct.
We provide e-commerce business plan, e-commerce implementation strategy & consulting for identifying the best approach to develop the very best in e-commerce solutions.
Owing to great degree of variance in the e-commerce solution requirements & ecommerce website development services, our approach is custom defined according to individual customer needs.
We have experience in providing ecommerce software systems to different industries including:
• E-commerce solutions for Clothing Industry
• E-Commerce Online shop development & Marketing services for Printing Industry
• E-Commerce Solutions Electronic Shops & Electrical Goods sales Industry
• Art Gallery & Promotion Industry E-Commerce & Marketing Solutions
• Hospitality & Hotel Industry ecommerce website solutions
• E-Commerce Solutions of Information & Communication Technology Industry
• E-Commerce Solutions for Advertisement Industry
• E-Commerce Solutions for Fashion Industry
Thus, our team is fully familiar & experienced with different types of ecommerce website development software, strategy for deploying such software and finding, providing deliberation over deciding on the best applicable solution.
That does not mean that we do not build bespoke development of ecommerce solutions.

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